Hire Lori Day as a Writing Coach

Services include:

  • Customized writing coaching for kids aged 10+ who can keyboard. Coaching can focus on either remediation or enrichment. Activities can be tailored to the individual child, and may include creative writing (short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction); journalism; book reviews; movie reviews; biographies; memoir; persuasive essays; blogging; journaling, etc.
  • Adult writing coaching—individual, or workshopping if several people want to do this together.
  • College essay help.
  • Tutoring in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, organization.
  • Proofreading and developmental editing.
  • Coaching about what it takes to be a published writer: Idea development, pitching editors, book proposals, revision, marketing, royalties and so forth.
  • Mother-daughter or parent-child book clubs based upon my book Her Next Chapter.

Fees are individually determined depending on services desired. A sliding scale is available.

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