Educational Consultants

Why Do Parents Seek Out An Educational Consultant?

Every child deserves the most ideal academic and social environment in which to develop, learn and grow into adulthood. Finding the right school for a child is one of life’s most important decisions emotionally and financially. Families need help in navigating their many educational opportunities, a process that can be fun and rewarding, but for some families also challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, and stressful.

In most cases it is also quite time consuming, so having a consultant to guide parents (and students) and help them stay organized and punctual within the admissions process can make everything go more smoothly and relieve anxiety. Family harmony during multiple school applications is a common positive outcome of hiring an educational consultant!

Parents seek an educational consultant for a number of other important reasons:

  • Consultants are dedicated to the highest ethical standards of practice and have the student’s best interest as their sole focus.
  • Consultants have often visited the schools they recommend, have developed relationships with the admissions staff, and have often placed other students there as well.
  • Consultants can offer an unbiased and objective analysis of educational, personal and social goals and choices, and can speak directly to the potential match between a student and a school.
  • Consultants can help parents achieve a more objective perspective on their child’s strengths and weaknesses as a student and as a candidate.
  • Consultants look not only at whether a child can be successful in a certain school—academically, socially, and emotionally—but whether he or she is likely to gain admission. A list of potential schools can be developed based on both admissions odds and suitability of match.
  • Consultants provide personal assistance and attention, a welcome benefit to what can otherwise be a very solitary and confusing process.
  • Consultants are knowledgeable about a large number of schools, and often have access to information that parents do not have.
  • School websites, marketing materials, online rankings, blogs, and guidebooks can be confusing, and at times, even deceitful.  An independent educational consultant can lend necessary expertise to sifting through the glut of information and helping parents make what often amounts to a considerable financial investment in a child’s education.

When should a parent seek the services of an educational consultant?

  • When your child’s school is not meeting his or her needs, such as when your child needs greater academic challenge or more academic support.
  • If budget cuts are weakening your public school.
  • At natural transition times, such as starting preschool, moving from preschool to elementary school, elementary to middle school, or middle to high school. These are good times to take stock.
  • If your child has a significant talent or passion in an academic pursuit, art, music, theater, athletics, or any other area. Private schools usually provide much more substantive programming and enrichment.
  • If you are willing and able to invest in a superior education and the best college prep.
  • If you are moving, and need help evaluating private school options in a new area.
  • If you have a special needs child and require help working with your public school, or evaluating private school options.

There are several online resources you should check out:

Wise Choice and Wise Investment

Families need a safe and secure way to assess their educational options and to make intelligent and wise choices without pressure. Parents can make good decisions, gain peace of mind, preserve healthy family relationships and reduce stress by collaborating with an educational consultant.