It’s Time for the Global Village to Stand Up for Our Children

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When Abercrombie & Fitch recently launched their pushup padded bikini top for girls aged 8 to 12, something inside me finally broke. My anger was volcanic, flowing through friends and family, spewing onto Facebook and across Twitter. For an entire day I searched plaintively for others who could understand my disillusionment.

I found a few soul mates, in person and on the Internet, but what I mostly found was the screaming silence of indifference. I wanted to shake people, to shout at them to wake up and take a look around, to ask them to stop playing with their iPhones for a moment and pay attention. Read more…

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  1. Stacy | June 5, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Don’t worry you are not alone in your anger about these ridiculous bikinis. I have two girls and it makes me sick.

    My suggestion on how to deal: turn off the TV (or don’t buy one for that matter), don’t take your kids to the mall or do anything that exposes them to this sort of stuff. Throw in a little hope that they don’t pick up too much of it at school or on the bus, and be very careful about playdates and what they’re doing at other people’s homes (when we make a playdate I always say NO TV, computer or video games). Our family takes hikes, plays games and spends all kinds of time doing things together that don’t involve technology or consumerism. The kids make up their own games. We garden. They do pretend play. We make music and play instruments. Sometimes they fight and it is not perfect bliss. But so far they have turned out to be pretty nice people and for the most part have no idea who Justin Beber is or what an iPad is. I am awaiting middle school and revolts against this but keep telling myself to be strong! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing all your great wisdom.


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