How do you charge for your services?

It depends on the job. For some projects I charge a flat fee, and for others I work by the hour. I also offer reduced fees for certain nonprofits and for clients who are genuinely limited in their ability to pay. As a former financial aid director, I am particularly sensitive to individual circumstances. I also like to work on a small number of pro bono projects at any given time, and as my time permits. Please contact me to confidentially discuss your own needs.

Are you willing to travel?

While most of my business is in eastern Massachusetts, I also have clients in other parts of New England, the US, Canada and the UK. I am happy to travel outside the greater Boston area, at the client’s expense, when necessary.

For clients within the greater Boston area, I am happy to meet with you in my office, in your home, or at a mutually convenient spot in between.

Can you do speaking engagements?

Yes! I actually enjoy public speaking and am available to speak to groups of any size about topics within the areas of expertise I have detailed on this website. I have a great deal of experience speaking to small and large audiences about school admissions, how children think and learn, neuropsych testing/learning disabilities, and a variety of school/family issues like bullying, social media use by kids, technology and the brain, and so on. I enjoy speaking to PTA’s and am able to create parent ed evenings around any of a number of topics. I welcome any requests, and if I feel confident about the desired topic, I will gladly accept speaking engagements.

Will you collaborate with other consultants?

Absolutely. I am used to working as part of a team, especially when a number of different professionals are helpful in collaborating around the needs of a student, or, similarly, the needs of a school. I am comfortable going solo, or being one of several or many other consultants.

My son was not progressing in first grade, and his evaluation was confusing. Lori was
able to provide true insight into my son’s learning needs in laymen terms. We finally
had a clear strategy to help him.
~A Westford Parent

Lori is an educator who is well liked by students - as evidenced by reports from my
children- but someone who also understands the importance of a good fit for students
within a school culture. To achieve an accurate perspective, she works hard to know
both the child and the parents.
~A Concord Parent

Lori was invaluable in our son’s application to school. She never tried to oversell the
school, nor to overstate our son’s preparedness for its challenges. Her gift lies in her
ability to assess a student's suitability for a school, and in our son's case, she has
proven 110% correct: He is thriving.
~A Concord Parent

Lori was instrumental in helping us choose the right school for our son. She seemed
to understand what we were looking for in a school and supported us through the
admission process and beyond.
~An Arlington Parent

While testing our daughter, Lori was knowledgeable about the admissions
process, able to clearly explain the WISC results, and thoughtful in her approach
to all members of our family. Our daughter felt comfortable and relaxed with
Lori during the testing.
~A Maynard Parent

As a colleague I valued Lori's opinion, insights, and intuition. Her ability to listen
and to contribute to discussions with her peers, and her knowledge, caring, and
rapport with students and their families was always appreciated. Her commitment
to areas of diversity and multicultural education was at the forefront of her work.
~A Former Colleague

Our son had a difficult transition from 6th to 7th grade. He was in a very small school
and entered a new school in 7th. Lori was instrumental in helping our son become
comfortable with his new surroundings, keeping us abreast of his situation, and being
an advocate for our family. This school turned out to be our son’s favorite. Thanks Lori!
~A Winchester Parent