Admissions Counseling

With over twelve years of admissions experience at both the private school and college levels, I offer a variety of services to parents and students as they apply to schools. I ask that parents understand that these services are intended to clarify and support the school application process for their children rather than “package” their children. In the long run it undermines both the student and the receiving school. And, admissions professionals can tell when students have received too much help, causing them to present very differently in their application materials than they do in their school records. I strive to empower students (especially older ones) to take ownership of their own application processes, and I work closely with students and parents to preserve the integrity of the admissions process by helping students shine without doing too much for them.

With this in mind, I offer the following admissions services:

  • Lori Day Admissions CounselingAdvice on selecting schools that will be a good match for the student
  • Application strategies and logistics, including recommendations for test prep, tutoring, curriculum, and any needed remediation or enrichment
  • Advice on how to present student profiles in the best light, regardless of academic ability
  • Mock interview practice and feedback for students
  • Advice on application essays for students and parents (when applicable)
  • Light editing help with essays, and review of general portfolio
  • Review of completed applications
  • Direct advocacy with admissions officers
  • Help making the choice between school acceptances
  • Guidance with waitlists, revisits, contracts, financial aid, tuition arrangements, and eventual enrollment and matriculation